The right way to car wash

- Jul 01, 2018-

The right way to car wash

1, before the car wash should be flushed with water

Some car owners or car beauty shop staff spray foam directly on the car wash, with high pressure water gun, but did not rinse with water first, direct high pressure water gun flushing easily lead to fine gravel on the body under high pressure scratches paint.

The correct procedure should be to use a slow current to flush the body, remove most of the fine gravel and dust, and then proceed to the next wash.

2, do not use ordinary rags car wash

Ordinary rag material is often rough, long-term use ordinary rags to wash the car, easy to damage the surface paint, Xiaobian suggest that you use a dedicated car wash rags, slender material can better protect the car paint from harm.

3, Do not use other cleaners to clean the body

Some car owners like to draw materials locally, holding detergents such as liquid detergent, detergent and shower gel to clean vehicles. The abuse of detergents at will hurts the car very much. The acidic or alkaline detergent will accelerate the aging of car paint. It is recommended that you use a neutral detergent for car washing.

4, the water pressure during car wash should not be too large

Some car owners or car grooming shop staff like to adjust the high pressure water gun to the most fierce, so that the car wash cleaner, this is very easy to damage the paint, after all, there are still some dust particles on the surface of the car, even under great water pressure is very Tiny particles will produce scratches, and over time, the paint will become less smooth and bright.

5. Avoid car wash under the hot sun

Some car owners like to wash cars under the hot sun and think that it will do so quickly. In fact, it is very easy to make the car paint ageing. After the car wash, there will be some small water droplets. The small water drops exist in the form of convex mirrors on the surface of the car. Under the blazing sun, the light will collect in a certain area and it is easy to “burn” the vehicle. So try not to clean the vehicle under the hot sun.

6, bird droppings should be cleaned in time

Most bird droppings are relatively acidic. If bird droppings stick to the car, they should be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion of the paint. In addition, the method of cleaning up dried bird droppings requires special attention. Do not go straight to scraping, because some birds will eat some small sand to help digestion. There will be many grit in bird droppings. The method is to use water-stained paper towels attached to the top, until the guano is completely softened, and then gently wipe with a paper towel.