The role of air conditioning filter

- Sep 21, 2018-

The role of air conditioning filter

1. The air conditioner can be attached to the housing to ensure that unfiltered air does not enter the compartment.

2, can separate air, dust, pollen, abrasive particles and other solid impurities.

3, can absorb air, water, soot, ozone, odor, carbon oxides, SO2, CO2, etc.; strong and long-lasting adsorption of water.

4, can make the car glass will not be covered with water vapor, so that the driver's line of sight is clear, driving safety; can provide fresh air to the driver's cab, avoid driving personnel to inhale harmful gases, ensure driving safety; can effectively sterilize and deodorize .

5, can ensure that the air in the driving room is clean without breeding bacteria, creating a healthy environment; can effectively separate the air, dust, core powder, abrasive particles and other solid impurities; can effectively intercept the pollen, to ensure that the passengers do not allergic reactions Affect driving safety.