The role of automotive intelligent dimming screen

- Oct 20, 2018-

The role of automotive intelligent dimming screen

Daily light

It turns out that driving in strong sunlight, the eyes are prone to fatigue, driving the eyes for a long time will feel dry, swollen and painful, and the front car tail is hungry, not only makes people feel dizzy, but also induces each time for a long time. Ophthalmological diseases. However, after using the car intelligent dimming screen, all the glare and stray light that bothered the driver were reduced to 20-40%. Not only that, but it also filtered out most of the harmful light (such as ultraviolet light), which not only protected us. The eyes can also prevent the face from tanning.

2. Eliminate reflection

Because of the principle of mirror imaging, there will be reflections of the front desk and front-end items on the front windshield, which greatly affects the driver's driving sight. The drivers are always distressed and sometimes increase the incidence of accidents. The car intelligent dimming screen can effectively eliminate the reflection on the front windshield through high-tech processing, which makes our line of sight clearer.

3. Remove glare

During the driving process, we are often subjected to the reflection of other cars, the reflection of architectural glass (we call it glare), and sometimes suddenly hit our eyes, making our eyes unable to open, not only hurting us. Eyes can sometimes cause traffic accidents. Using the car's dimming screen, the annoying glare is directly reduced to 20-40%, completely liberating our eyes.

4. Avoid blind spots

Everyone has had such an experience. When we enter and exit the tunnel, our eyes can't adapt due to the strong contrast between inside and outside, which leads to short-term blindness.