The role of car glass water

- Jul 09, 2018-

The role of car glass water

(1) Cleaning performance: The window is made up of a variety of surfactants and additives.

Surfactants usually have the functions of wetting, infiltration, solubilization, etc., thereby cleaning and decontaminating.

(2) Antifreeze performance: It can significantly reduce the freezing point of the liquid, thus playing the role of antifreeze, and can quickly dissolve the frost.

(3) Anti-fog performance: a single-molecular protective layer is formed on the surface of the glass. This protective film prevents the formation of droplets and ensures that the windshield is clear and transparent with a clear view.

(4) Antistatic property: After being cleaned by the window, the substance adsorbed on the surface of the glass can eliminate the electric charge and antistatic property of the surface of the glass.

(5) Lubrication performance: The viscosity is large, it can act as a lubricant, reduce the friction between the wiper and the glass, and prevent scratches.

(6) Anti-corrosion performance: The window net contains a variety of corrosion inhibitors, which does not have any corrosive effect on various metals. The car topcoat and rubber are absolutely safe.

(7) Efficient and clean, thoroughly remove the dirt and stains on the smooth surface, and wipe it off.

(8) No need to pass water, no water marks, and lasting cleanliness.

(9) Protect the formula without damaging the surface of the article; dustproof, anti-fog and anti-freeze. It is not easy to add dust and do more with less.

Decompose dirt, fully clean, suitable for all kinds of glass, mirror, TV computer screen, automotive glass, porcelain surface, etc.