The role of car paint

- Feb 01, 2018-

Car paint coating as a car coat, The main effect of the following aspects.

① protection: the car as an outdoor vehicle, long-term by the atmosphere of moisture, oxygen, industrial atmosphere, carbon dioxide and other media erosion. Car paint in the car to form a continuous film attached to the film, to avoid its surface and surrounding media chemical or electrochemical reactions, prevent or delay the occurrence of car damage and development.

② decorative effect: the car painted with a variety of bright colors on the surface, it looks elegant, crisp and comfortable, giving the United States the feeling, but also highlight the personality of the vehicle.

③ logo: the color of the car paint can mark the type and role of the car, such as the postal car is green, the ambulance is white, the fire engine is red and so on.

④ other role: Some automotive coatings can improve the car's comfort and sealing, to prevent vibration noise.

The original car paint is the most precious, so we can use kisho crystal plating to protect the paint from the outside hurt paint.