The role of car wax

- Apr 12, 2019-

The role of car wax

Car body waxing is one of the most important tasks in car care. The main component of automotive wax is a polyethylene emulsion or a silicone polymer compound, and contains grease and other components. These materials are applied to the surface of the vehicle body to have the following effects:

1. Isolation. Car wax can form a protective layer between the paint and the atmosphere, effectively separating the paint from harmful gases and harmful dust, and shielding.

2. Aesthetic effect.

The topcoat of the car body is equivalent to the outer coat of the car. The car wax can be used to protect the car paint and the car paint.

3. Anti-high temperature and anti-ultraviolet effect.

Automotive wax can effectively reflect incident light from different directions, preventing the high temperature and ultraviolet light of the incident light from aging the topcoat or primer, thus prolonging the service life of the paint.

4. Anti-static effect.

During the driving process, the surface of the vehicle body and the air flow are relatively frictionally generated to generate static electricity, which may cause dust to adhere to the exterior of the vehicle body due to the action of static electricity.