The role of fuel additives

- Nov 12, 2018-

The role of fuel additives

1. Clear carbon deposits and clean the fuel system;

The new generation of fuel additive has a clean activation factor that promotes the rubber in the fuel and the carbon deposits such as engine carbon. After adding the fuel additive five times in a row, the carbon deposit on the exhaust pipe is significantly reduced, and the filter and exhaust are wide. The fuel system and so on are very clean.

2.enhance the dynamic performance;

The nano-component of the new generation of fuel additives can adsorb and encapsulate the colloidal materials, and generate a gas-like "micro-explosion" in the combustion chamber under the action of high temperature, so that the fuel is atomized twice, causing complete combustion and improving engine power. More than 90% of vehicles use fuel additives for the first time, and they obviously feel enhanced power. Especially when the car is weak, old, heavy, and travels, it feels more obvious.

3. improve atomization and save fuel;

The new generation of fuel additives rely on nano-molecular materials to directly attack the long-chain carbon bonds in the oil molecules, causing "micro-explosion" in the fuel chamber, causing secondary atomization of the fuel, causing complete combustion, improving thermal efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The fuel additive real vehicle comparison test can save 10~18% fuel. Especially for long-distance high-speed driving, it is more economical than usual and can be intuitively felt.

4. anti-corrosion, anti-rust, lubrication, protection engine;

A new generation of fuel additives consisting of organic nano-molecules and clean activation factors, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, and demulsification. In view of the development of harmful components such as sulfur, colloidal materials and engine carbon deposits in oil products, the fuel additives in the new generation of fuel additives also have the functions of anti-oxidation, cleaning, dispersing, demulsification, anti-corrosion and lubrication.

5. Reduce noise, reduce wear and extend engine life;

The engine noise is too large, in addition to the poor sealing of the car, but also because the engine's internal carbon deposits, sludge and other impurities accelerate the wear of the engine. The cleaning, anti-oxidation and lubrication effects of the new generation of fuel additives can greatly improve this phenomenon. Carbon and gel removal can significantly reduce engine wear, thereby reducing engine noise and extending engine life.

6. Eliminate black smoke and reduce emissions.

Due to poor atomization, the oil is not completely burned, and a large amount of black smoke is formed. The fuel additive can effectively reduce the combustion activation energy, improve the atomization efficiency, and fully burn the non-combustible gum in the oil, thereby eliminating black smoke. Reduce the effectiveness of emissions. After five consecutive additions, it can be seen that the black smoke is significantly reduced or even completely eliminated.