The Steam car wash advantage

- Apr 12, 2019-

The Steam car wash advantage

(1) Great market trends that can adapt to energy conservation and environmental protection

With the improvement of international energy conservation and environmental protection mechanisms and awareness, traditional high-pressure washing vehicles do not save water resources, causing a lot of waste water pollution and other drawbacks. Steam car washing just solves these problems, steam car washing will become a new development trend.

(2) Car wash service that can adapt to various places

Steam car wash has the advantage of no waste water pollution, car wash service can be carried out to the door to move the car wash, underground car park car wash, large shopping mall parking lot car wash, home users self-service car wash.

(3) Can carry out all-round car wash

The steam washing machine can flexibly adjust the dry humidity. Different from the high-pressure washing car, in addition to cleaning the body, it can also clean the engine, clean the sofa, clean, sofa, air conditioner, cushion, foot pad, toys, Accessories, etc., to achieve comprehensive cleaning.

(4) can improve cleaning to fine washing

The main concept of steam cleaning is: first, the steam can completely clean all parts of the car; and the most important thing is that the steam car wash is not a pure high pressure plus cold water washing process, but through the characteristics of steam The ground cleans, sterilizes, disinfects and deodorizes every small part of the car to achieve a more clean car wash, and the simple cleaning is improved to fine washing, which is more closely related to the health problems Of the owner.