The thickness of the car paint

- Jan 23, 2018-

According to the international standard T 484-1999 paint quality standardson the vehicle's paint thickness minimum limit. What is the minimum limit? Regardless of the quality of the paint aside, it is the car's paint cannot be less than the number of um is qualified. According to this standard, the minimum paint is divided into the following reference standards:

First , The cheapest pure entry economy micro-car (bare car price less than 50000) standard, it cannot be less than the minimum thickness of paint 90μm, we paint the thickness of this model is required low. Less than 90μm as a shoe to cut corners.

Second , any vehicle above 5 million standard, this standard will be some higher: the minimum cannot be less than 120μm (hard targets). Less than 120μm as a shoe to cut corners.

Different parts of the same model, the thickness of the paint is also different, different parts of the same paint thickness with the average:

the average thickness of the paint is greater than or equal to 120μm car, it can get Star raise.

Note: There is no upper thickness requirement for both standards. Theoretically, the thicker the paint, the better, but we will not ignore the weird numerical results, such as the price of 100,000, but with and more than a million models The same 200 μm thickness, which is not normal. Here we will be specific analysis of specific models, certainly not the implementation of dogmatic paint thicker the better logic.

maximum difference between the paint thickness of less than or equal 20μm car, you can get Star praise.

Note: The general depot painting process will be about 4, according to each process less than or equal to 5μm as a reference standard, we set the maximum difference of 20μm.