The wiper actually hides four useful functions

- Feb 15, 2019-

The wiper actually hides four useful functions

The first one, to determine the position of the left wheel.

The actual position of the wheel is difficult to grasp during the driving of the car, especially for novices. At this time, the wiper is required to appear, which can help the driver to determine the position of the wheel. We will find a node on the wiper, and when this node coincides with the ground object, it means that the left wheel should be pressed from this place.

The second one is to determine the distance of 60cm.

As we all know, in the process of driving a car, about 60 cm from the center line is safe, and this distance is difficult to grasp.

But the wiper allows us to accurately grasp this point, and the method is very simple. When the intersection angle and the center line of the panel and the A-pillar coincide, the distance between the car and the center line is just about 60 cm.

The third is to judge the position of the right wheel.

Judging the position of the right wheel is the same as judging the position of the left wheel, and also judging whether the node of the wiper intersects with the target. Knowing the wheel on the right requires looking at the node on the right. And the need to remind is that the intersection is over pressure, if you do not want to cross the line, you need to have a little deviation.

Fourth, help parking.

Although parking on the side is a must-test for a driver's license, many of my friends are not very familiar with this operation. Of course, there are different parking modes for all kinds of venues. Many people will have excessive distance when parking, and the wiper can help us avoid this problem.

When the right side of the wiper coincides with the roadside, the steering wheel is turned to the left, and then the body is stopped, and there is a parking effect of 10 cm from the side of the road.