The World Rankings Of The Crystal Brand Arethe First To Be It

- Apr 11, 2018-

First, KISHO Glass Coating

The World Rankings Of The Crystal Brand Arethe First To Be It

KISHO, a famous Japanese car plating brand, OEM manufacturer of world famous automotive paint care products, is now selling more than 60 countries and regions in the world, serving the trillions of car owners worldwide. 

Second, SONAX (Suonakesi)            

SONAX is a foreign car care brand. Now SONAX has developed into an independent business of Hoffman group. 

Third, 3M             

There is no doubt that 3M is the world's most extensive manufacturing giant, from electrical, construction, medical, cultural, transportation to automobile maintenance supplies. It has developed up to 50 thousand quality products and is one of the 30 Dow Jones industrial stocks. 

The durability of the plated product is related to the conditions of the paint surface, the use frequency and the storage environment during construction. The plating crystal is a completely crystallized and hardened product with silicon dioxide as the main component. The adhesive force is super strong, but the effect of brightness and water splashing will gradually weaken according to the passage of time, so according to the condition of the vehicle We have to maintain regular maintenance, because of the natural environment problems, the time of regular maintenance is also different, the normal craftsman plating crystal in Japan test, in one year it is not necessary for any maintenance effect continues to continue.