Timing belt features

- Aug 31, 2018-

Timing belt features

(1) The transmission is accurate, there is no slip during operation, and there is a constant transmission ratio;

(2) The transmission is stable, with buffering and damping capacity, and low noise;

(3) The transmission efficiency is high, up to 0.98, and the energy saving effect is obvious;

(4) Easy maintenance, no lubrication, low maintenance cost;

(5) The speed ratio range is large, generally up to 10, the line speed can reach 50m/s, and has a large power transmission range, up to several watts to several hundred kilowatts;

(6) It can be used for long-distance transmission with a center distance of more than 10m.

  (7) Relative to the V-belt transmission, the pre-tightening force is small, and the load on the shaft and the bearing is small;