Tire classification

- Oct 29, 2018-

Tire classification

1. Classified by car type

Tires can be classified into eight types according to the type of vehicle. Namely: PC - car tires; LT - light truck tires; TB - trucks and passenger cars; AG - agricultural tires; OTR - engineering tires; ID - industrial tires; AC - aircraft tires; MC - motorcycle tires.

2. Classified by tire use

Tires are classified by purpose, including heavy-duty tires, passenger car tires, and mining tires. In addition to the size of the tire on the sidewall, the truck must also indicate the number of levels. But what needs to be told here is that the number of layers of the heavy-duty tire does not refer to its actual number of layers, but to the tires made of high-strength material cords, and the load performance is equivalent to making the carcass with cotton cords. The number of tire plies. This is because cotton cords were first used to make carcass cords. Therefore, the international practice is to use a cotton cord layer as a reference for the number of tire layers. Different levels of tires have different load capacities. Even tires of the same specification have different load capacities because of their different levels. Therefore, tires of different grades cannot be used on the same shaft. Otherwise, danger occurs when driving at high speed and under load. For example, 900-20 tires (16-level) used in liberation vehicles cannot be used on the same axis as 900-20 tires (14-level). Because of their different levels and different loads, they are prone to danger after mixing.