Tire knowledge points

- Jun 22, 2018-

Car owners who often deal with tires, do you really understand the tires? Take a look at the following situations!

First, the tires look awkward

Car tires look awkward. Do you want to add air? If you determine that the tire pressure is sufficient, you don't need to add air. Because the tires are all vacuum tires now, it may seem like a normal condition, as long as the tire pressure is normal.

Second, tires marked inside outside

If you find that the inside of the tire is marked on the outside, you can be sure that the tire is installed backwards because the inside label on the tire is inside. The reverse loading of the tires will result in accelerated wear of the tires and may also affect the comfort of the vehicle during driving.

Third, the yellow point on the tire

Careful owners will find yellow spots on the tires, so what is that yellow spot for? The yellow spot on the tire is a light point mark, indicating that this spot is the lightest place on the tire. The valve is the most important place for the tire, so the yellow point complements the gas valve to balance the tire.