TOYOTA Prius design concept

- Mar 09, 2019-

TOYOTA Prius design concept

TOYOTA Hybrid Electric Vehicle - PRIUS

Before the energy crisis and environmental issues were highlighted, TOYOTA prospectively integrated R&D hybridity into long-term planning. After 40 years of TOYOTA's hard work, PRIUS Prius took the lead in implementing the avant-garde design concept to perfection in the future. The ground is equipped with a series of high intelligence technology. PRIUS Prius is the world's first mass-produced hybrid car, with a global sales of 500,000 cars, making the whole car and fashion industry at the same time, and deservedly as a technology pioneer, start the future today.

Focus on environmental protection

PRIUS Prius is making its own contribution to reducing environmental load with practical actions. The TOYOTA Hybrid Power System has made an epoch-making improvement in the synergistic drive between the engine and the electric motor. A world-class low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are achieved while having a strong, smooth and quiet driving experience.

The PRIUS Prius is environmentally friendly when it is only powered by an electric motor; it also recovers energy for re-use during deceleration, braking and downhill; especially when the red light is stopped, the engine will automatically stop working. This will not consume any fuel! Therefore, both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions have been effectively improved.

In addition, excellent aerodynamics, the world's first electric inverter air conditioner and lightweight design of various parts of the body also help achieve lower fuel consumption.