TPG lacquer protective film, one of the top ten brands in the United States

- Feb 01, 2019-

TPG lacquer protective film, one of the top ten brands in the United States

TPG (full name topgradeppf) high-end paint protective film originated from MSC Special Coating Technology Co., Ltd., is an internationally recognized leader in the development of thin film, metallized coated PET, TPU and composite products, technological innovation, manufacturing and other aspects. The T1 series and T2 series of TPG high-end lacquer protective film are high-end TPU materials.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2008, it has been manufacturing and supplying fire retardant (TPU) raw materials for Chinese companies. Matte (TPU) raw material. Known for bright surface (TPU) ingredients. TPG high-end paint protective film - TPU main features. High wear resistance, compared with the Tarber abrasion index of other materials (wear condition Cs 17 rounds 1000g / round 5000 / m 23 ° C) Material wear (mg) TPU 0.5-3.5 days of supply of polymer materials occupy 80% of China's market.

Since 2015, we have launched (TPG lacquer protective film) automotive paint protective film on the global market by means of independent marketing as a leader in automotive products and innovative materials. Its products are mainly cooperative groups such as FAW Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the vehicle is not simply a car but a car, and the first impression of the car to others must be the appearance, so the paint maintenance is almost all the car owners pay attention to, small to wax, Plated crystal, the owner can not wait to dress up the car every day. The new products in the automotive beauty market are endless, and the advent of invisible clothing has become the favorite of many car owners, but the choice of invisible clothing for the owners is racking their brains.