Two Bucket Method

- Mar 27, 2018-

Cleaning is very important in the entire cosmetic process. For example, it is not completely cleaned before it is repaired or protected. It will directly lead to inefficient repairs, and the protection effect will be compromised. Whether you believe it or not, the Two Bucket Method is currently the safest way to car wash and is widely used worldwide.

Tools that need to be prepared

Bucket × 2 (bottom diameter approximately equal to 26cm)

Soft brush × 1 (for cleaning car wash gloves)

Wool/Super Fiber Gloves

Sand filter

One of the buckets is filled with Clean water, and the other bucket is a dilution of the car wash diluted in proportion. If conditions permit, sand filters should be placed in both buckets to minimize damage to the paint. Before using two buckets of car-washing cars, it is recommended to use low-pressure water to wetting the paint in the order of roof to bottom of the car. This is done to remove part of the dust and sand from the paint. If possible, use a foam gun to spray the entire vehicle for pre-wash treatment. After the pre-wash, it is still not recommended to use a high-pressure water gun to wash the paint, otherwise the gravel rolling on the paint surface may damage the paint.

After completing a sheet metal piece, immerse it in a water bucket. You can use a brush to clean the gloves or rub it on the sandstone mesh to clean it. Put the car wash gloves into the diluted carton of the car washing solution again. Draw enough washing liquid to repeat. Work until the entire vehicle is completed and rinse with plenty of water until no foam flows out.

The use of multiple gloves for two buckets of car washes can significantly increase efficiency by preparing a container to distinguish used gloves. After cleaning a piece of sheet metal or plate, put the gloves into the container and use the car washes. The gloves in the bucket continue to clean the next sheet metal or plate. Finally, the used gloves can be treated in a centralized manner, which saves time for cleaning the gloves several times.

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