Type of brake booster pump

- Oct 30, 2018-

Type of brake booster pump

1.Camshaft drive

Many of the accessories around the engine are controlled in the vacuum environment created by the engine running, limited by structure and type (diesel engine and gasoline direct injection engine), and some engines cannot provide a vacuum environment for the surrounding accessories. Therefore, adjustments have been made to the way the vacuum source is supplied, and it is a good idea to install a separate vacuum pump. Such a vacuum pump relies on a camshaft to drive the inner rotor of the pump, and the blade coaxially connected with the rotor rotates in an eccentric position. During the eccentric rotation, the volume above the blade is continuously squeezed and released, and the process creates a vacuum. surroundings.

2. Engine driven

The most common way to obtain a vacuum is to use the operating characteristics of the engine itself to connect the intake manifold to the vacuum booster through a line to introduce the vacuum generated by the engine during operation into the booster. This type of boost has a subtle effect on engine operating conditions.

3. Electric vacuum pump driven