U.S. Eastman Chemical Company History

- Jun 26, 2018-

U.S. Eastman Chemical Company History

1952 DuPont starts to talk about polyester and polyester fibers in the market

In 1956 Julius Hermes established Martin Processing Company and dyed these raw materials (three employees)

1961 The company moved to Bassett attachment and the factory area was expanded to 30,000 square feet

1973 Martin Processing Corporation invests millions of dollars in Rocky Mountain to establish a factory, and has 910 employees HCA (US hat company) purchased Martin Processing Co.

1976 Martin Machining starts construction of a film production plant opposite the location of its headquarters today

1980 Established Long Film Brand

In 1990, he won the patent infringement suit and acquired the factory in Axton, USA.

1992 Launch of VISTA high-end architectural film

1994 Formula One high-performance automotive film launched

2007 Automatic rewinding system installation

2010 Solutia acquires Novartis and its brands Weigu, Amber Optics and Nano Optics

2011 Acquisition of Aimcore Technology Co., Ltd.

2012 Asia Pacific Training and Technology Institute opens

2012 Eastman Chemicals Acquires Solutia