Volkswagen Golf's product philosophy

- Apr 13, 2019-

Volkswagen Golf's product philosophy

Golf is a classic hatchback/small home model launched by Volkswagen in 1974. It has been launched in the global market for seven generations, is the most produced by Volkswagen, and is the best-selling model of the public. Ranked third in the world's best-selling models, and by 2007 the total production has exceeded 25 million. As one of the most successful models in the world, Golf has been in business for 45 years and has more than 26 million users worldwide. After six generations of innovations, each generation of golf's unique innovations has led the fashion trend of the automotive industry, and has repeatedly become the representative of the German car rigorous attitude and the pursuit of quality. Golf, which has just been listed in China for half a year, has also broken the inherent view of the compact hatchback. It has not only continued to be popular in the market, but even has a hard-to-buy scene. The reason is that its outstanding products Value has long determined the hot market performance.

The sixth-generation golf of FAW-Volkswagen's "Masterpieces" is based on the latest European design style and the new design language of Volkswagen. The shape is more dynamic and stylish, and the clear and concise and powerful image marks the future development direction of Volkswagen. The perfect body proportion, harmonious and beautiful body lines, combined with smart headlights and simple tail design, not only make golf more individual and three-dimensional, but also ensure ample space inside the car, more comfortable and practical.

Thanks to the perfect power combination, the 1.4TSI+DSG model has a speed of only 9.5 seconds per 100km. The speed and shift are extremely smooth and smooth, and the fuel consumption of 90km/h is only 5.8L/100km, and it meets Europe. 4 emission standards not only meet the consumer's pursuit of fuel-saving and environmental protection, but also attract more attention and favor, and also set a new fuel-saving benchmark for the current domestic compact hatchback market. A few days ago, at the "2010 National Urban Auto Fuel Economy Challenge" held by CCTV, Golf 1.4TSI+DSG created a miracle of 3.06 liters of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers.

Golf is designed in the details of the whole car, the ergonomic design and comfort equipment in the car are all working hard, making all functions more convenient, comprehensive comfort and human care, bringing the drive to the user. Enjoy the luxury car. Golf also uses configuration and design standards that are used in many higher-level models, such as multi-function electric sunroofs, three leather multi-function steering wheels, and advanced noise reduction and mute design. The first-class acoustic characteristics are a highlight of golf. A large number of A-class cars are rarely used for lightweight sound-insulating materials and noise-reduction measures on high-end models, ensuring the comfort and quietness of the golf cart space to the greatest extent. The driving environment of the limousine creates a “quickest golf car”. The use of high-grade interior materials and the quality of the details have further improved the high-end temperament of golf.