Volkswagen Magotan Awards

- Apr 01, 2019-

Volkswagen Magotan Awards

Volkswagen Magotan is derived from FutureB6, which is closely related to the Passat B6. This is the first B-Class sedan to be produced and sold since FAW-Volkswagen. According to FAW-Volkswagen, “May” means self-confidence, determination, and movement; “Teng” means soaring, transcending, and passionate.

Starting from B6, the latest Volkswagen B-Class has started production in FAW-Volkswagen, the Magotan Magotan series. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen's seventh-generation B-Class was officially unveiled. In 2011, B7 continued to be introduced by FAW-Volkswagen and continued to be named Magotan Magotan. In order to meet the consumer's demand for comfort, B7 also has a native extension. The media is called Magotan B7L, which is the new Magotan.

In July 2016, the new generation of Magotan, which originated from Germany's eighth-generation B-class car, was officially launched. Based on the new MQB B platform, it not only designed fashion, sports, but also equipped with a series of intelligent technology of the same level, many C-class The car's exclusive high-end configuration is the first blessing.

In 2005, the Magotan B6 won the first car in Europe, the "Yellow Angel" award in Germany, and the "Best Model in 2005" in Germany.

In 2006, Magotan B6 won the "2006 Best Safety Performance Award", "2006 Germany's top luxury car", "2006 German Yellow Angel Award", "2006 Industrial Forum Product Design Award".

In 2007, the Magotan B6 won China's “most anticipated mainstream public business car in 2007”

In 2011, Magotan B7L honors the annual new car general evaluation award

In 2012, Magotan B7L won the annual mid-to-high class car award

In 2014, Magotan B7L won the 2014 Best Model Award

In 2015, the new generation of Magotan won the “Red Dot” award in the “International Industrial Design Oscar”, the world-famous “iF” Industrial Design Gold Award, the European Model of the Year Award, the AUTO BILD Gold Steering Wheel Award and many other international design top prizes. Grand prize.

In 2016, the new generation of Magotan won the Best Marketing Award.