Wax definition

- Feb 06, 2018-

Most of the main components of the car wax is extracted from the oil, smear the paint, the car paint the surface of the formation of wax film, not only to prevent the outside world on the car paint damage, and also can improve the gloss of the car wax produced Gloss is shiny feeling, but not transparent enough to cover the original color paint; In addition, the wax itself will soon be oxidized, the oxidation residue will accelerate the paint aging. And keep a short time, usually about 7-30 days.

Car wax types:

Classified by Ingredients: Hybrid Wax - Petroleum Refining (low end), natural palm oil blending (high end).Pure natural car wax - wax palm. Expensive, a box of 200 g retail price of 2000 dollars or so.

According to the decorative effect is divided into: colorless polishing wax and colored polishing wax.

According to different functions are divided into: polishing wax and polishing wax.

divided by the role of different: protective wax, decontamination wax, antistatic wax, colored wax, mirror wax, light wax, wax chassis protection.

according to the physical state can be divided into: solid wax, semi-solid wax, liquid wax and spray wax.

Advantages: the formation of a layer of oil on the paint, water-skiing better, cheaper prices.

Disadvantages: auto-oxidation accelerated paint aging, poor adhesion, easy to fall off, can not really protect the paint.