What advantages does KISHO Si-811 nano glass coating bring to automobiles?

- Mar 23, 2018-

What advantages does KISHO Si-811 nano glass coating bring to automobiles?

1.to prevent the damage of UV paint

In the direct sunlight of the sun, the chemical structure of the vehicle paint will slowly change after being exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. After a long time, the car paint will lose its luster and even crack. A dense layer of positive and negative ions is formed on the surface of the paint plated crystal, which can effectively reflect sunlight and ultraviolet rays and prevent ultraviolet rays from burning on the paint.

2.Prevent rain damage to paint

In the increasingly developed industry today, the acidity of rainwater is also increasing. From time to time there may be acid rain. Sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, salt and other substances in the rainwater adhere to the paint, causing continuous damage to the paint. . After ceramics glass coating, a corrosion-resistant layer will form on the surface of the vehicle to ensure that the paint does not receive damage.

3.Scratch resistant

The hardness of the car body surface that has been plated is raised to 5H, which is higher than the hardness of the car wax or glaze 2H-4H, which also reduces the scratches caused by the sand grains on the car during driving.

4.paint surface smoothness improves easy cleaning of vehicles

The hardness of the hard film formed on the surface of the paint after coating is very high, and dust and water droplets are hardly adhered on the surface, facilitating the owner to clean the vehicle.

5.repair subtle scratches / improve the brightness of the paint surface

No matter what color or brand of car, after a few years of use, there will be many subtle scratches on the paint surface. The whole body will be dull, and the crystal can be effectively repaired while improving the brightness of the paint. Like a mirror, the vehicle is a new look.