What are the causes of body paint scratches?

- Apr 03, 2018-

What are the causes of body paint scratches?

1. In the course of the use of the car, due to friction, collision and other factors, accidentally scratch the paint, resulting in different shades of paint scratches, if not timely processing, not only affect the car's appearance, and will lead to body corrosion Sexual and abrasion resistance decreased, thereby affecting the life of the car.

2. Non-standard car wash on the paint caused by the damage. Such as washing the vehicle when the water gun pressure is too large, cleaning procedures or practices are not correct, the surface with dust, wipe with a rag or towel, the paint surface appears small scratches.

3. There is a lot of defects (orange peel, loss of light, mist paint) in the repair shop due to improper operation or improper selection of materials due to various accidents such as paint.

Xiaobian for everyone to prepare the following nine tips:

1, no matter what kind of car will have large or small scars, can be polished, if it is not too eye-catching scars, clever way is not to control it.

2, the paint of the abrasions, the best way to repair the scar is filled with the same body coating agent. Coating agent can be coated several times, the more the number, the more clean. But should pay attention to the uniform processing of the entire body.

3, if the body is only a very shallow scraper paint, with a mixture of treatment, wipe the method for a straight line wipe. After the scars disappear, wipe with a finer mixture and then wax.

4, deeper scars, such as not see the metal surface will not rust, you can paint modified paint. With a little bit of the tip of the pen up, and then finish the paint completely dry.

5, deep but slender scars, with colored putty repair. Scar with sandpaper, do not expand the wound surface, the dirty clean away. The fry is carefully applied so that it is completely inside. Finally coated with a mixture of wax.

6, depression treatment is the most troublesome work in body maintenance, it is important to play a good foundation, if this step is not good, painting done no matter how good the effect is not good. When painting, cover it with a newspaper so that the paint does not spread to the surroundings.

7, found rust, do not let any matter, rust will slowly expand. Wipe with sandpaper, or change the rust with the chemical synthesis agent.

8, the door, the trunk around the paste of the waterproof strip is easy to peel off, distorted. If there is no rupture, deformation, can be used again, just re-paste it, you can prevent leakage. With the protective agent to restore the elasticity of the rubber itself.

9, the insurance to carry the scar is to cut the way to the burr, potholes coated with putty to make it smooth. Then spray paint.

What parts of the car can be changed, only the original paint can not be changed, but these measures are only temporary solution, the current car paint crystal plating is the development of automotive beauty industry so far, the most sophisticated paint protection solutions, Car beauty conservation concept rose to the "protection" level, is the highest level of car beauty.