What are the causes of solar film blistering?

- Mar 19, 2018-

It is not difficult for us to find that on the busy road, there are many solar films that have been posted on cars that have been driving. Maybe these owners just think that the car is only a means of transport, the film is sent in 4s shop, foaming it bubbles. However, if you know that these blistering solar films are seriously harmful to your health, will you continue to use them?

What are the causes of solar film blistering?

Internal reason: The solar film itself is of poor quality. The adhesive layer of the inferior film is sprayed with glue, and the film of the regular brand is basically a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Spraying glue is affected by exposure and thermal expansion and contraction, etc. After a long time, it will easily detach from the film and form hollow bubbles. Moreover, this glue slowly gathers together over time, forming a phenomenon similar to watermarks, affecting the line of sight.

External reasons: The quality of solar film construction is poor.

Due to the improper construction process of the film technician or improper control of the temperature of the film, foaming occurs in the film.

The level of film technology and tools are important factors that affect the level of construction. The solar film is a semi-finished product, and the effect on the window glass depends largely on the filming technique of the film master and whether or not a professional film tool is used.

The reason for the solar membrane blistering is because of the main, according to statistics, almost 80% of the solar membrane blisters are related to the quality of the solar membrane, so buying the inferior membrane is the main cause of solar membrane blistering.

Solar films have different life spans depending on quality. Life expectancy has two kinds of performance: 1, a serious fading 2, foaming bulge. Remind everyone: If the solar film is foaming, tear it off immediately! Replace the new film! Because the blistering solar film will release a lot of formaldehyde! If you don't tear off the bubble, it will seriously damage your health and even cause cancer!