What are the child safety precautions worth mentioning in cars?

- Jun 08, 2018-

What are the child safety precautions worth mentioning in cars?

The car child safety seat fixing method adopts the European standard Isofix, so domestic purchase and use need to take this into consideration.

In fact, in addition to child safety seats, these configurations on the car also directly affect the safety of children's travel, such as glass clips and child safety locks.

As early as 30 years ago, the global auto parts supplier Brose Group introduced the glass anti-clamp design, and thus became the world’s first automotive supplier to integrate the anti-clipping system on the electric window lifter. The company supplies 30 million anti-clipping electronic modules, of which 1/4 is used in the Chinese market

For this reason, Brose also continues to carry out children's car safety topic-sharing activities for many years, and calls on the public to pay attention to this topic. In addition, Brose is still developing the seventh generation of products to expand the application of anti-clamp windows, such as electric tailgate anti-clamp, as well as the development of vibration seats to prevent driving fatigue, so that parents do child safety travel Iron Man, etc. It aims to improve children's travel safety.