What are the damages to vehicles in the sun?

- Sep 19, 2018-

What are the damages to vehicles in the sun?

1. Car paint damage

Under the exposure of the car, the paint will be damaged to a certain extent, such as fading, reduced gloss, and even cracking. Although the current painting process of the car factory is very complicated, and with the development of the times, the process has already had a relatively high technological content, but this does not mean that the paint is not afraid of exposure in the sun.

2. Automotive interior accelerated aging

Because of the exposure, the temperature inside the car will rise sharply, the jewelry inside the car will age, and the rubber parts on the exterior of the car will easily age, especially the wiper blade and the instrument panel plastic.

3. The life of the car wheel is shortened

Everyone knows that tires are rubber products. If they are exposed to the sun for a long time, they will accelerate the aging of the tires. In the long run, the tires will be deformed and chapped, which will affect the service life of the tires. At the same time, high temperature exposure will increase the tire pressure and cause the tires to burst. Danger.

All in all, the car will definitely have a lot of damage in the case of exposure, and it is still necessary to put the car in the underground garage or the place where it is cool.