What are the functions of frozen oil?

- Jan 17, 2019-

What are the functions of frozen oil?

In the compressor, the refrigeration oil mainly plays the four roles of lubrication, sealing, cooling and energy regulation.

(1) Lubrication The refrigerating oil acts as a lubricant during compressor operation to reduce the friction and wear of the compressor, thus prolonging the service life of the compressor.

(2) Sealing The refrigeration oil acts as a seal in the compressor to seal the piston between the piston and the cylinder face and between the rotating bearings to prevent refrigerant leakage.

(3) Cooling When the lubricating oil is lubricated between the moving parts of the compressor, it can take away the heat generated during the working process, keeping the moving parts at a lower temperature, thereby improving the efficiency and reliability of the compressor.

(4) Energy adjustment For a refrigeration compressor with an energy adjustment mechanism, the oil pressure of the refrigeration oil can be used as the power of the energy adjustment machine.