​what is paint polishing?

- Feb 23, 2018-

Car paint polishing is a general term, which includes grinding, polishing and reduction of three steps, is the core technology of automotive beauty. Three steps are not necessarily used at the same time, according to different paint situation, determine the different polishing process!

※ Grinding is a relatively rough lacquer coating, thick oxide layer, deep scratches, the initial repair process, to prepare for fine polishing.

※ polishing is to remove the slight oxidation of paint and impurities and the grinding of the new traces of bump to eliminate paint flaws and chemical conversion and other functions, the mirror to achieve a mirror-like smooth effect, let the paint for the beauty care to do ready.

※ Restore is to restore the original appearance of paint, restore the mirror effect of the paint, to show the original brightness and gloss.

Grinding is to remove the original paint defects, polishing is to remove the defects left by grinding, grinding is the rough treatment of the paint, and polishing is the fine treatment of the paint.

According to the paint situation, the polishing does not have to do three steps, the new car is often a one-step reduction can be, but done rough car, must be treated in the throw, made in the car must be polished mirror restore, step by step This is the law of iron, if you really want to polish the paint of a car, you can not cut corners and cut corners. It is a standard that beauty technicians must strictly enforce.