What is the silicon content of KISHO Glass Coating products?

- Mar 02, 2018-

Q: What is the silicon content of KISHO Glass Coating products?

A: Each of our KISHO Glass Coating products is made of various silicon sciences (the total content can reach

80% to 95% or so)

KISHO Glass Coating 311 Silicon content is 80% ;

KISHO Glass Coating 701 Silicon content is 80%; 

KISHO Glass Coating 811 Silicon content is 85%; 

KISHO Glass Coating 901 Silicon content is  90%;

KISHO Glass Coating 911Silicon content is 95%.

Q:Can we determine the quality of the glass coating based on the silicon content of the product?

A:No.There are many types of silicon raw materials, less than 100 yuan a kilogram, there are thousands of dollars a kilogram, if our product is 99% silicon content, but using a very cheap raw materials, it will not be a good product, Therefore, the content is not a measure of the standard glass coating ; like alcohol, the degree of alcohol does not represent the same good or bad wine. However, the recent domestic popular glass coating thinner, diluted with thinner if the product is another matter, let alone the quality of the product and the effect. A good glass coating products to be done on the paint, the real from the brightness, durability and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation.