What is the wheelbase?

- Jun 04, 2018-

What is the wheelbase?

The so-called wheelbase is the distance between the center line of two adjacent wheels of the same side and the two vertical lines of the vertical plane of symmetry of the vehicle. Simply speaking, the wheelbase is the distance from the center of the front axle of the car to the center of the rear axle.

The role of wheelbase

1.From a design perspective, wheelbase is a very important parameter and it is closely related to the performance of the car. The wheelbase determines the position of the car's center of gravity. Therefore, once the vehicle wheelbase is changed, it is necessary to re-design the overall layout, especially the dimensions of the driveline and the body part, re-adjust the spring and shock absorber parameters in the suspension system, and the size of the steering trapezoidal pull rod in the steering system. At the same time, the change of the wheelbase will also cause changes in the axle load distribution of the front axle and the rear axle, so it is necessary to consider the influence of these factors on the braking, handling and ride comfort of the vehicle. Therefore, in the automotive technical performance table will certainly be injected with the wheelbase parameter, which is enough to indicate that it has a very important reference role.

2.From the actual use, the length of the wheelbase directly affects the length of the car, and thus affects the internal use of the car. Miniature car wheelbase is generally less than 2200mm, it's rear seat leg space is small, if the adult is sitting in the back seat, it is usually the knee to top in front of the seat back, legs can not stretch, Sitting in the car gives a feeling of depression, not to mention using it as a public car and a taxi. Relative to the small wheelbase of minicars, the wheelbase of ordinary cars and mid-size cars is generally longer, so the rear seat space is relatively large, adults can sit relatively loosely, so this class of cars are used for domestic purposes. Cars, taxis and official cars are all very popular with people.