What type of car wax is suitable for what color of paint?

- May 22, 2018-

Q: What type of car wax is suitable for what color of paint?

A: Of the various types of waxes available on the market, some manufacturers add corresponding components according to the color of the paint to achieve the effect of deepening the color of the paint. For example, the core wax of Dodo Juice is a good example. Some manufacturers make waxes based on the car painter's paint characteristics, such as Zymol, SV, etc. Similarly, some manufacturers do not make any clear distinction between waxes, and they are of a more general type. In practical applications, wax-enhancing features usually need to be stacked in multiple layers to be perceived by the naked eye. Regardless of these customized features, any wax is expected to have a good performance on the paint surface. It is to clean and process the paint to a more perfect state. In other words, the paint is evener and the effect after waxing is better. For beginners, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the characteristics of the wax. You just need to select the wax of an internationally known brand. After gradually learning the advanced knowledge of steam and beauty, you will find that wax is more accurate.