Which cars affect the MAX, do you know a few?

- Jan 25, 2019-

Which cars affect the MAX, do you know a few?

Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette series was born in 1953. It is a national super-class sports car and the highest-end super sports car brand of GM. Colwitt exemplifies Americans' pursuit of super sports cars: wild atmosphere, informality. Although it is not as famous as Ferrari and Porsche in China, it is a supercar in the United States, representing the history, culture, spirit and the highest-end automobile technology of the United States. Corvette is also the first V8 engine to use fiberglass and strong horsepower, which has a great influence on the automotive industry.

Volkswagen Golf - GTI MK1

Speaking of Volkswagen's classic models, in addition to the Volkswagen "first ancestor" beetle, I am afraid that no one does not know the name of "golf". Originally, golf is positioned as an ordinary family car, but in order not to make the original design of the body very sporty The GTI is a mediocre, dynamic and maneuverable version of GTI, and GTI is a dynamic, comfortable, everyday-use car, not a roaring sports car, and its "origami" design concept. It gives the MK1 an indelible classic look. After experiencing years of scrubbing, you will find that this simple outline is so intriguing.

Land Rover Range Rover

Range Rover has a nice Chinese name in China - Range Rover. The first generation of Range Rover was launched in 1970. Its power is not only inherited the top-level off-road performance of Land Rover, but also has an unprecedented luxury car. The Land Rover Range Rover has been carefully designed to be a refined and powerful Land Rover ever. With the latest body and chassis technology, the vehicle's all-terrain performance is elevated to another level, regardless of the breadth and passability of its off-road capabilities or the handling and comfort of the road. The Range Rover has upgraded the cross-country to the luxury level. Since the beginning of the 50-year period, the Range Rover has been the representative vehicle in this field, not only the off-road vehicle, but also an all-wheel drive luxury car.

Audi - Quattro

The world's first four-wheel-drive car didn't know, but Quattro was the first car to be able to apply this technology rigorously. The word quattro means "four" in Italian, and for Audi. Say quattro has other meanings. In 1980, Audi developed the quattro four-wheel drive system and equipped it on a two-door sedan based on the Audi 80 chassis. The name of the car is also called quattro. In addition, Audi has a subsidiary called quattro, which specializes in experimenting and developing high-performance models. Therefore, quattro represents both Audi's four-wheel drive technology, a model, and the name of a company.

Tesla - Model S

The Model S is a full-size, high-performance electric sedan with a sporty body line that is unforgettable. In addition, in terms of front face modeling, the car also adopts its own unique design language. From the Tesla Model S model, we have seen that the car has applied the most advanced technology of the current electric vehicle, and the integrated multi-function is large. Dimensional LCD display, diversified battery selection, support for solar charging, cruise mileage of up to 480 km, etc. There are too many highlights in this car that deserve our attention.