Why check tire pressure regularly?

- May 19, 2018-

Why check tire pressure regularly?

Low tire pressure

If you do not check the tire pressure often, it may gradually become lower. Inadequate tire pressure can lead to uneven tire contact with the ground, resulting in accelerated wear of the sidewalls. In addition to this, you may experience a deterioration in inertia, increased fuel consumption, and potentially more carbon dioxide emissions from the environment.

Tire pressure too high

Injecting too much air into the tire can also cause damage to the tire and pose a safety hazard. Excessively pressured tyres have a smaller contact surface with the ground, which may result in reduced handling and braking performance. And accelerate the wear and tear center of the tire contact surface, life expectancy has dropped sharply.

Correct tire pressure

Tire pressure will gradually decrease over time, but because the decline is very slow and linear, the driver cannot clearly feel that, as described by numerical values, it usually drops by about 2 PSI units per month. In hot climates, tire pressure loss will be faster than in cold conditions, so if the weather warms up faster, you need to check tire pressure more frequently.