Why do interior cleaning?

- Apr 05, 2019-

Why do interior cleaning?

1. Interior cleaning definition

Interior cleaning is a kind of car beauty. The interior cleaning is divided into carpet, seat, air conditioning tuyere, trunk, instrument panel, center console, floor, ceiling, seat, trunk and other cleaning.

2. The necessity of interior cleaning

Create good environmental protection in the car: Carpets, seats, air conditioning vents, trunks, etc. in the car interior are often exposed to moist air or water stains. In certain environments, these areas are most likely to cause bacteria to grow. The mildew of the interior, which emits odor, not only affects the indoor air environment, but also poses a threat to health [1].

Instrument panel, center console, floor, ceiling, seat, trunk: the interior cleaning, sterilization, deodorization, can effectively prevent the corrosion of various dirt on the interior.

3. The interior cleaning part

Instrument panel, center console, floor, ceiling, seat, trunk

4. The way of interior cleaning

Cleaning agent cleaning: Use professional cleaning agent to scrub all parts of the car to remove dirt.

Indoor sauna: use a high temperature steam sauna machine to spray steam cleaning.

Ozone sterilization: The ozone generator is used to produce ozone ions to adsorb bacteria for sterilization purposes.

Poison separation: Use a professional poison separating agent to spray under the foot pad and the dead corner inside the car, then drive the air conditioner to the inner circulation car for 10 minutes, so that the car interior finishes better.