Why is the car tire tubeless?

- Mar 04, 2018-

1, the car can have a tube, but this early tire structure in the use of less on the passenger only, vacuum tire has been used for decades, the technology is quite mature.


2, the current part of the trucks, agricultural vehicles, due to pull the goods, the need for internal and external tire co-pressure, or will use a tube with a vintage tire, because the design of the vacuum tube carrying capacity is not the ability of the tire with tube, and vacuum Tire rim design requirements are extremely high truck load is very easy to expand the rim.

3, for passenger cars, tubeless tube than a tube safer. Vacuum tire surface is a layer of rubber, inflatable appearance of tension increases, forming a certain pressure on the inner surface, improve the ability to break the self-styled, once punctured, unlike the bike as deflated moment. Encounter nails and the like, insist on running a vacuum tire one or two hundred kilometers is not a problem.


4, Tubeless tube is more wear-resistant than a tube, vacuum tire rim larger than the average diameter of the rim, will not be affected by the brake drum heat. Because there is no inner tube and lining, the tire and the wheel ring seal as a whole, the vehicle at high speed, the tire and the friction generated by the road surface temperature, in the interior (hot air) directly through the ring cooling quickly reduce the tire temperature, thereby extending the tire Service life.


5, Tubeless tube more fuel-efficient than the inner tube, ride more comfortable. Vacuum tires, especially radial tires, tire angle is zero, strong adhesion. Can maintain good driving stability and smaller friction, is conducive to shock absorption and increase speed. Belt layer with high positioning, the wheel radial runout small, small resistance, so more fuel-efficient!


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