Why is the sense of speed different from driving?

- Jun 04, 2018-

The reasons why people drive different speeds are the following:

1 visual error

Watching objects with the same speed of motion in different locations will have a distinct sense of speed, which is visual error. Driving different cars will have different perspectives and will produce different senses of speed. Such as cars and buses, because the front windshield of the bus is almost vertical, and the person's seat is high, the driver can see the road close to the front of the car, and it naturally feels fast. The car is not the same, the car not only has a long front, for the sake of beauty and reduce wind resistance, the front glass is installed obliquely, and the slope is larger, the seat is more on the back, so that the distance from the front of the car Far away.

2 vehicle stability

In the same car, the speed of 40 km per hour on the poor road quality of rural roads will feel very fast. Because at this time, in addition to the forward motion of the vehicle, many irregular vibrations caused by the bumpy motion of the vehicle are superimposed, making it difficult for people's eyes to capture the outside scenery, giving you the feeling of “fast”. On the flat highway, the irregular shaking basically disappeared, even though the speed of 100km per hour was very slow. It can be seen that the smoother the vehicle is, the slower it feels. There is no doubt that high-end cars have better shock-absorbing effects and they will run more smoothly, and they will feel less fast.

3 glass quality

Good glass is like no glass, so that the outside scenery will not be deformed. It feels comfortable. If the quality of the glass is not good, seeing the outside scenery through the glass will cause deformation, and superimposing a flaw caused by the deformation on the moving object will make the driver's eyes feel tired and give you a quick feeling.