Why Japanese cars like to use low viscosity oil?

- May 26, 2018-

Why Japanese cars like to use low viscosity oil?

1. Fuel saving, good heat dissipation

Friends who drive a Japanese car for a long time will surely feel that it is very fuel-efficient, and that it is more fluid at low temperatures and more comfortable, and that the two key technologies of cold start and low temperature start are better, resulting in better thermal performance. better. In general, this kind of technology brings us economic benefits. We can therefore save a lot of money. Japan's countries and regions are more concerned about fuel-efficient features and therefore have this technology.

2. Small parts clearance

When the viscosity of the oil is lower, the wear resistance of the car will decrease, and as the film becomes thinner, a thinner oil film will be squeezed during the operation of the engine. The damage to the car is incalculable and hard. The friction will become stronger and stronger, eventually the vehicle will be scrapped, and because there will be a certain gap between the engine cylinder wall and the piston, in this case the low viscosity will make the oil film disappear, then the direct friction is the cylinder wall metal and the piston.

3. Extend the life of the car

Low-viscosity engine oil is a development trend because the fit clearance of engine components is getting smaller and smaller. Our ordinary cars are very suitable for the use of low-viscosity oils, but also have a great advantage of reducing cold wear, which is what all riders are willing to see, because it determines that the life of the car can be longer