Why rainy season to seize the time to wash car?

- Feb 24, 2018-

Rain damage to the paint as follows:

1. The paint surface is aged and corroded

Many owners believe that summer rains can cool the car and cool down. In fact, the thunderstorms that occur in the late afternoon and evening appear to be detrimental to the cars parked in the open air. Like people, hot and cold, prone to illness. Summer is itself the "most tested season" of paint. The ultraviolet and other kinds of sunlight in the sun are one of the important factors that cause the paint to age, fade or even peel off. If exposed to cold water after a sudden wash, paint is more prone to aging. Therefore, even with high temperature water rinse car, the car is also unfavorable, let alone a pH acid rain, the acid rain in addition to let the car paint aging, but also on the car paint corrosion, increase the car Paint loss.

 2. Chassis erosion

 Rotten car first bad end. Chassis is the closest to the ground parts, particularly serious impact by the road conditions, many car maintenance and care look up, the bottom shell has been rusty streaks, the wheel housing has even been loose perforation. The reason, the corrosive acid rain is the culprit.


Due to thunderstorm and rainy weather in summer, rain and water splashing, parked in the open air vehicles in addition to paint has been tested, the chassis will also be subject to acid rain erosion. In addition, the thunderstorm weather will cause road water, vehicles through the water pavement, acid rain will also be attached to the chassis.


In either case, the acid rain will cause chassis rust on the chassis, and the acidic rainwater and water vapor will penetrate through the chassis pores into the car body, affecting many parts of the car. But most car owners will not notice these details, neglecting the maintenance of the chassis.


3 car damp, moldy


After heavy rain, the car is more susceptible to damp, moldy, affecting the health of the car staff. At the same time, the door, the welding part of the body and the door interior of the hinges, locks and other iron parts are also prone to rust and corrosion. Therefore, experts advise, thunderstorms weather must pay attention to doing a good job dehumidification, better dehumidification in advance.


If the vehicle is in use when it is raining, it is best to turn on the cold, which will not only remove the mist but also dehumidify it. Rain stopped to remove the accumulation of moisture as soon as possible, otherwise prone to mildew and so on. Owners can find a cool place, all the doors and trunk lid open, let the car's moisture discharge, ventilation, and then the car's foot pad, chair cover removed, rinse to dry.


In addition, the experts told us two more thoroughly and more easily dehumidified tips: Put a simple dehumidification box in the car, which can effectively prevent damp car parts; relatively simple, cheap way is in the car Put a roll of toilet paper, also have some dehumidification effect.

Do car painted crystal plated car, do not have to worry about the car paint will be harmed, but also need to give car a sheltered harbor, so that not only the performance of plating to maintain a long time, but also make the car from time to time as new.