Why Use Kisho X-03 maintenance agent?

- Mar 18, 2018-

Let's say finished KISHO Glass Coating paint: why do you want to use x - 03 protectant?

1.Finished crystal glass coating car membrane plating layer, the process and it takes time to fully hardened when the film was afraid of water, if encounter a rainy day can produce hard to remove the rain mark, daub on the x - 03 protectant, more than 95% to avoid the rain mark and water mark, so kisho technician advisedfinished plating crystal must do x - 03 protectant.

2.Crystal film plating layer with the passage of time, the increase of car use frequency and film layer on the brightness and water effect will be weakened, so kisho technician advice, do once every six months the x - 03 protectant, such plating epitaxial layer won't directly exposed in the outside, the effect will be to keep the time longer.

Small make up here you should see, the crystal is completely crystallization sclerosis type of plating products, strong adhesion of the paint, with the passage of time, if you don't do x - 03 protectant, plating epitaxial layer exists, but the brightness and water effect will be weakened, and of course a wafer plating using period is short, so must do x kisho technician advised - 03 protectant, your car will continue to be beautiful.