Winter car paint maintenance precautions

- Mar 15, 2019-

Winter car paint maintenance precautions

1. It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection on the appearance of the vehicle. If the surface of the vehicle body is damaged, scratched, etc., it should be sprayed in time to avoid corrosion of the surface of the outer leakage metal and affect the service life of the vehicle body.

2. It is necessary to remove the snow falling on the car in time. It seems to be pure white snow, but it contains some acidic or alkaline corrosive substances. These corrosive substances will erode the paint with the melting of snow and produce chemical reaction. It destroys the surface of the paint and tarnishes the surface of the car. It also loses the hardest protective layer on the surface of the paint, making the paint more susceptible to erosion.

3. On the snowy road surface, especially after driving on the road of snow melting agent in the city, it is necessary to brush the car to clean the stains splashed on the car in time. These stains also have strong corrosive effects and must be removed in time.

4. It is best to do a glaze treatment on the lacquer surface. The glaze is to cover the surface of the car with high molecular polymer to enhance the anti-wear ability of the lacquer. It has high temperature resistance, sealing, oxidation resistance, brightness enhancement and resistance. Washed, acid rain, corrosion resistance and so on. After sealing the glaze, the number of car washes can also be appropriately reduced. The glaze can be kept for a long time, and it is ok to seal the vehicle once a year.

5. If you think that the price of the glaze is too expensive, you can choose to wax to protect the paint. In winter, you should focus on some anti-freeze and anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion car wax. Generally, you should wax the vehicle once a month.