We are a plated Glass Coating manufacturer, we are specialized in producing plating crystal business. we are specialized in producing plating glass coating crystal business.our company is a professional manufacturer with 51 years experience,with the customers of Yokohama, Toyota,Suzuki,Daihatsu Motor,Mitsubishi and so on. Our factories in Japan , there is an office in Dalian China .

1965: シャルマンcosmetic factory built, developing daily use detergent and cosmetic products  

1970: we succeed in developing the program of vehicle tyres wax, starting to supply the tire maintenance

1976: increase the cost of registration, rebuilding シャルマン CO., LTD. Founded with only a few employees contribute to a corporate entity which set scientific research, production and sale as the integration

1990: Company succeed in the project of paint maintenance products.

1922: Plant expansion, move to hyogo prefecture in the city

1993: make OEM sales contract with

1994: Yokohama, Toyota(OEM sale)

1995: Sapporo Toyota -Japanese department(OEM)

1996:Suzuki all business office in Japan

1998: Nissan motor(OEM sales)

1999:Toyota Motor(OEM)

2000: CAR BEAUTY PRO  Car beauty chain stores(OEM )

2002: Daihatsu Motor (OEM)

2005: developed car glass coating successfully

2006:Mitsubishi Motor, Mitsubishi Fuso Motor(OEM)

2006: Re-found シャルマン company and its organization structures.

2007: developed liquid abrasive materials

2011: developed successfully and pushed out brand, Si-901, Si-701 multi-function coating agent

2012; the name of company change to 株式会社 辉匠コーポレーション 

2012: Built Dalian KISHO KISHO CORPORATION CO., LTD in China .