Aluminum Alloy Wheel Maintenance

Aluminum Alloy Wheel Maintenance

Si-02 wheel nano coating is easy to operate, anti-fouling, anti-rust and increase brightness.
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The common problems in the maintenance of automotive aluminum alloy wheels are surface corrosion, fatigue deformation, and small cracks because the aluminum alloy material itself is relatively fragile. Surface corrosion not only affects the appearance, but also affects heat dissipation, especially in high-speed driving. If the heat cannot be released in time, it will accelerate the aging of the tire rubber structure.

Protection is greater than repair

Don’t wait until  "injured" before repairing, use wheel nano coating for maintenance from now on。


Comments from customers:


Professional service attitude, I can appreciate the professionalism of the sales staff during the conversation, and patiently answer all the details of the product. The first time I contacted nano coating with the mentality of giving it a try, I feel very professional and will continue in the future. Using KISHO products, the construction and operation of the crystallization of the wheel hub is simple. As a car beauty shop, a good product can be loved by our customers, and the car wheels can be protected and maintained. This is great!

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