DIY Construction Wheel Coating

DIY Construction Wheel Coating

This is a wheel maintenance product that can be applied by yourself, with simple operation and almost zero errors.
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You don't have to watch the instructions all the time, or you don't have to watch the construction video, you can complete the wheel maintenance very well. Take you DIY construction wheel coating today!

KISHO Si-02 Wheel Coating


Product features: 

Wiping-free fast-dry glass coating product, can increase wheel's brightness, extend durability, enhance water repellency, greatly enhance anti-fouling property and self-cleanliness, and reduce fouling attachment. 

In the Japanese car detailing shop,The construction technician operates this way:

1. Completely clear fouling attached on the wheel hub, and use a air gun to blow off moisture until it is completely dry;

2. Drip Si-02 wheel glass coating agent on coating cloth, and smear the wheel uniformly, notice not to smear repeatedly (repeated smearing leads to visible traces);

3. Keep still standing above 5 hours after smearing, or use a hot lamp or hot blast to expedite hardening rate of the glass coating film.


Wheel Coating Video

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