Whole Car Deluxe Glass Coating Kit

Whole Car Deluxe Glass Coating Kit

Whether your car is a new car or an old car, in the paint surface maintenance can not neglect a moment, so that the car paint surface always keep bright.
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Questions frequently asked by most KISHO customers when they first used Deluxe Glass Coating Kit:

1. Is it difficult to construct Whole CarDeluxe Glass Coating Kit?

Whole Car Deluxe glass coating Kit from Japan has detailed construction instructions and video tutorials, making it easy for technicians to get started.

2. What are the difficulties in construction?

During the construction process, control the indoor temperature well, and different room temperature glass coating construction wiping time is different. It is suggested to take a small module for operation in the process of construction.

3. What's so appealing about this product?

When the product is placed in a store, it is easy to attract the attention of customers. Single-bottle Si-811glass coating can make the vehicle achieve perfect effect.


Construction Case


Case Video - From Chinese customers

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