Ford Black Lacquer Ceramic Coating

A car, a set of top products, the paint protection starts from a new car!
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The combination of strong and strong, the paint maintenance problem is solved together!

Since I started with this ceramic coating kit of KISHO, I have been deeply attracted by this brand. In order to maximize the maintenance of the paint surface, KISHO has always insisted on making this product for so many years. I have applied for a free trial package here before. The effect of the product after use is amazing to me, so I have been using KISHO. Paint maintenance products.

5波兰🇵🇱客户701901 1 Show black lacquer Ceramic coating construction case-thanks to Polish customers for their sincere feedback!

5波兰🇵🇱客户701901 10 Show  the front view of Ford after Ceramic coating!

5波兰🇵🇱客户701901 4 The photos on the side can't be less, the effect you can see intuitively is the overall brightness improvement!

5波兰🇵🇱客户701901 2 The amount given by the product is enough for the entire vehicle. The enclosed manual and the construction operation video provided by KISHO, and you can easily learn the construction of ceramic coating.


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