Si-701+Si-901+X-03 Ceramic Coating Kit

Si-701+Si-901+X-03 Ceramic Coating Kit

Si-701+ Si-901+X-03, three layers of protection for the paint surface
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Product Details

The first step: construction Si-701

Si-701 is a multi-functional crystal hardening type coating agent. The body can be applied except for rubber, which provides perfect protection for the whole car.

Si-701 features

Advantages: simple construction, low cost, multi-functional, wide range of use, the biggest advantage is the strong adhesion

Scope of application: metal paint, engine, wheel hub, lamp, resin parts, windshield

The second step: construction Si-901

Si-901 is a top-grade lacquer coating agent, and its precise and smooth film layer achieves an unprecedented transparent brilliance and long-lasting transparency and perfection.

Si-901 features

Advantages: The amount of use is small, and on the basis of Si-701, the super strong film feeling, brightness and water splashing effect are highlighted, so that the paint surface retains the original color and enhances the noble temperament of the paint surface.

The third step:construction X-03

X-03 maintenance agent features:

A. After plating, after the initial hardening of the film, the use of plating crystal curing agent can effectively avoid the appearance of rain marks.

B. After the plating process, the brightness and water splashing effect will be reduced according to the use condition. At this time, the plating curing agent can be applied to supplement the brightness and water repellency of the paint surface.

Customer construction effect feedback

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