The Mazda Mx-5 Show Special Product

The Mazda Mx-5 Show Special Product

The Mazda mx-5 show special product
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Product Details

KISHO is a genuine Multi-Layer Ceramic Coating System and should not be confused with cheap imitations or other inferior clear coat and ceramic systems. Our products come directly from JAPAN and are guaranteed for the lifespan of the coating system.KISHO is a company with R&D and sales capabilities. All raw materials produced in our factory are sold in more than 60 countries around the world, mainly providing OEM services and selling KISHO free brand products. Main products include 701, 811, 901, G-01 windshield coating, Si-02 wheel coating, Top-24 maintenance agent and Top-24plus, etc.

Advantages of KISHO Glass Coating

After 50 years of research, the KISHO PREMIUM COATING SET is the ultimate in ceramic nano coating technology for high spec vehicles with any colour finish. The triple application process gives unbeaten paint and bodywork protection, and leaves the body looking so deep and glassy it has to be seen to be believed.

The process begins with Si-701 for the base layer, sealing in the paintwork perfectly, preventing any damage from UV rays or pollutants. Next, Si-901 is added to form the second ceramic layer, leaving a flexible but durable hydrophobic shell which gives the paintwork a light mirror finish. Finally X-03 is added for the final coat to achieve an incredible glassy depth and exceptional protection。

How to apply Si-701+Si-901+X-03?

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