Wooden Floor Glass Coating

Wooden Floor Glass Coating

Today, our customers use KISHO Si-701 glass coating and Si-901 glass coating on the wooden floor.
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Dust and stains staying on the surface of the wooden floor for a long time will affect its beauty and service life. Therefore, clean it regularly. In the process of cleaning, keep the ground dry, and do not flush water in a large area, so that the water can penetrate into the floor, which is prone to damp deformation and mildew in the long term.

Regarding wooden floor glass coating, Japan KISHO Glass Coating does so:

First use clean water to effectively remove the stains on the surface of the wood board, and then use glass coating after cleaning;

Then find a small section on the board for trial,Observe the wooden floor,If there is no adverse reaction, the entire range of glass coating can be applied;

Remember to apply Si-701 glass coating first, Observe the wooden floor,then Si-901 glass coating.

wooden floor glass coating case

wooden floor1

wooden floor2

wooden floor3

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