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Kisho Window Coating Manual Designation of product: kisho window coating Content: 1. 5 G-01 window coating agents (20ml); 2. 5 Coating film sponges; 3. 5 Coating cloths; 4. 1 Manual. Product features: Can effectively prevent acid rain, oil, parasites and harmful substances on the windows of the...
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Kisho Window Coating Manual

Designation of product: kisho window coating

 1. 5 G-01 window coating agents (20ml);
 2. 5 Coating film sponges;
 3. 5 Coating cloths;
 4. 1 Manual.

Product features:
Can effectively prevent acid rain, oil, parasites and harmful substances on the windows of the damage, but also to prevent the car exhaust, exhaust and so on caused by the window film is very effective in maintaining the cleanliness of the glass. Does not contain corrosive chemicals, protect the wipers from damage and prolong their service life.

After the coating can play to prevent oil film, snow, cream dirt attached to the glass effect. The window's ability to resist oxidation is increased three to five times, increasing the window's useful life. Can be well combined with the sun film, the car to reduce the sun's ultraviolet radiation and heat.

Super water-repellent: hard non-organic film surface Fluorine-treated super water repellency, the water fell on the body instantly shrink into a drop of water effectively prevent the formation of scale.

After coating, the window has a layer of protective layer. Snow or fog falling on the glass in winter can not be frozen on the glass. Large open-air ice parked in open-air vehicles can not easily form on the glass surface and can be easily removed. Go to the troubled removal process and waiting time.

Good thermal insulation properties, can effectively control solar radiation, blocking far infrared radiation, the summer can save air-conditioning costs, winter heating costs can be saved; have a high visible light transmittance and low reflectance, low emissivity, dark pollution; Effectively block the UV transmission, to prevent furniture and fabric fading.

1.This product is fluoride-containing coating film product, used to smear on glass surface to form water repellency film to enhance glass self-cleanness, which can improve visibility in rainy weather and enhance safety driving.

2.WATER ROLLS OFF | Any incoming water simply beads up and rolls off without leaving a trace

SELF-CLEANING | It is hydrophobic coating for car windows. It improves visibility of the road while raining and provides the surface with strong hydrophobic qualities.
TOTALLY CLEAR | Increases visibility of the road during rainy, snowy, foggy weather, which in turn makes driving safer

3.EASY WINDSHIELD CLEANING | Bug splatter, dirt, ice and frost will be removed with ease

INVISIBLE WIPERS | At speed above 65 km/h, wipers are almost unnecessary, protective layer ensure water supply roll off

Storage method  
 1. Sealed storage in shade, optimal for 4-20℃ (avoid high temperature and freezing);
 2. Please store out of the range within children touch.

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